Monday, May 20, 2019

Singapore - A Weekend Well Spent

As a disclaimer, before going to Singapore most of my knowledge was from the movie "Crazy Rich Asians" and just knowing that it was an advanced city. So with what I expected there was still much wiggle room.

I know, I know, I am so behind on my blogs! I have trips to other places in Taiwan I am dying to tell you about. So expect some back to back posts! The end is just coming so fast, and I am definitely making the most of my time left here in Asia. 

With all this in mind, two weekends ago five friends and myself set out to fly to Singapore. (If you are traveling to, or through, Taiwan the Taipei airport is usually the cheapest airport to go through.) What I expected was like I said before, mostly modern skyscrapers and expensive food with really clean streets and business men walking around. What surprised me so much was the diversity and the way the city/country accentuated it. Not only did the downtown city center area have some of the most amazing buildings, light shows, and attractions, but the surrounding areas really highlight the best of different cultures. Outside of the main city was smaller suburban areas that almost transported you to another part of the world. Places like Arab Street, Little India, and China Town had buildings, food, and people all looking, tasting, and dressing exactly like their home country with a Singaporean spin on it. Singapore was really a culmination and celebration of a mixture of cultures all coming together to create this gorgeous city/country. So here is a list of places we visited over the long weekend with pictures! I think the pictures really speak for themselves! 

1) Changi Airport Waterfall 
This water fall had just opened a couple months ago after starting construction in 2014.
2) City Centre (day/night)
Famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel

In the evening from the base of the mall by the Marina Bay Sands, there is an exquisite light show that dances across water that last for roughly 15 minutes and was a huge highlight of the trip.

3) Gardens by the Bay (day/night)
Famous Super Trees 
There is also a 15 minute light show underneath these trees in the evening. And again another spectacular site!

4) China Town
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

5) Little India
Indian Temple

6) Arab Street

Street Stores
7) Sentosa Island
Famous Sentosa Lion
Gorgeous lookout over the city
Something to note, not only in Singapore but in most of Asia, is when going to mosques, temples, or other holy places it is usually common for them to require you to cover yourself. So, no tank tops or shorts. But the good thing is that many of these places have clothes you can borrow wrap yourself with for free. But it is a good thing to read the reviews before, or have a light something in your bag you can throw over your shoulders or around your waist just in case. 

One interesting thing is Singapore's laws. They are pretty strict and could come with hefty fines. Like crossing the cross-walk on red, or spitting chewing gum on the sidewalk. Kind of cool! Also, Singapore is pretty small land-area wise, so a long weekend was plenty for all of us to be satisfied with the highlights we saw. Also, the metro can take you almost anywhere in Singapore, and cards can be picked up on arrival at the airport. 

Happy Travels,

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