Friday, January 25, 2019

The Pilot

Like any good paper, project, or meeting someone for the first time, introductions are in store. So hello and welcome! Not by any means am I saying with my previous statement that this blog will be "good" or "great," as this is my first time venturing into the blogging realm, but I hope you would dare to share in my exhilarating travel experience with me. I am a 23 year old girl (I still feel like the word woman is too old for me), finishing college, taking advantage of studying abroad in my last semester to a region I am most unfamiliar with: Asia. In 18 days I fly out from my comfy life at Rocky Mountain College, and begin a 35 hour flight to Taiwan where I will spend the next five months.

Ayla in the badlands of South Dakota

I have never lived abroad in another country. I have never flown overseas alone. I have never been to Asia. And, I have never been so excited or nervous in my life!

Background-wise, I love to travel. I have visited 41 of the states in America (which is my home country), vacationed twice in Mexico, road tripped in Canada, been on a mission trip to Bolivia, and bussed through Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. I wouldn't say I am an expert traveler, but I would say that I have seen and experienced a lot. And, to have the chance to go to Taiwan, and hopefully other countries in Asia, just gets those butterflies in my stomach a-going!

Truth be told, I didn't always think I would be able to go. Like, I never thought going abroad would ever be an option for me in college. Several factors like my aggressive academic class schedule, having the time, and having the financial capability were all major bumps in the road. In the next few blogs, up until I leave for the big excursion, I will address the struggles and excitement, highs and lows, and stresses and breakthroughs of my process of committing to study abroad.

So, if you are interested in the pre-departure planning and paperwork, or are interested in studying abroad in the future you may find it helpful or inspiring. For the rest of you mostly looking for tips and tricks or stories from Taiwan and Asia, feel free to skip it (less than 20 days till take off and that begins)! 😉

Again, thanks for joining me!! I am so thankful to have this opportunity, and am thrilled to share my adventure with you!

Signing off for now,